Simple River Stones

100% procedural Material made in Substance Designer.

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Files include: containing:

- | with a fully commented and organized graph, for study and customization.

- Simple_River_Stones.sbsar | with exposed parameters for use with Substance Painter or the free Substance Player -

- 10 already exported 4k png Textures (2x AO, baseColor, height, normal, roughness) : 1 Water Level Max, 1 Water Level Min.


The sbs file has the following dependencies:





These are from Allegorithmic's Grunge Collection 1 available here on Substance Share:

If required these can be replaced with grunges from the default library with minimal tweaking.

Compatible with Substance Engine v6 - made in Substance Designer 2018v2.2

This product is non-refundable.

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